Magic Garden Ceramics

by Sally Rowles

Sally makes illustrated earthenware pottery from her home-based garden studio in beautiful west Wales.  The bold hand painted designs that decorate her ceramics show her love of folk art from around the world.  Using slip to paint with she combines the techniques of sgraffito, paper resist and freehand brush work to produce her own style of illustration.  A new addition to her collections in 2020 is a range of stoneware clay functional pieces that are rustic in appearance, using engobes and glazes for their decoration.


The ceramic lustre range of jewellery that Sally makes combines many of the designs painted on her pottery by modelling tiny plaster stamps which she impresses into the wet clay.  She etches her illustrations onto her mixed metal jewellery which are embellished with her handmade clay stones.  All her jewellery is unique and each piece a one-off.  


DSCN1756 copy.jpg
snowdrop mugs.jpg